"I can't say enough about the awesome experience I had as a featured guest on Chayzlounge! Chaye's warm personality and professionalism created the perfect environment for me to share my thoughts and music freely with music lover all over the world. I am humbled and thankful for such a warm embrace." ~ Ty Causey


"My portion of Diivine Time in the ChayzLounge was met by the gracious & insightful personality of Show Hostess Chaye Alexander. "Engaging, Intelligent, Wise, Humorous & Determined 2 Get 2 t/Heart of the Matter" are the virtues embodying Lady Chaye. "Beautiful place to be & I hope one day to return to the Amazing ChayzLounge... Stay Blessed, Beautiful & Anointed." ~ Russel Blake


"I'm a former mobile DJ and consider myself a  connoisseur of fine music.  What you play here is like "Le crème of la crop".  I just found this station through "Live365" about 4 days ago and it hasn't been off since I found it.  From a real DJ that knows music, this is a GREAT station with a platform and playlist just to die for.  No more switching from station to station when looking for relaxing, smooth, Soul, R & B sounds for all ages." ~ Edward Pugh Jr.


"Chaye...THANK YOU for having me on your show tonight!!! We have done numerous interviews in the past and you are SO accommodating and pleasing to talk to. I hope to talk to you again with our next release. Thank you again for supporting us." ~ Erich Cawalla 


"Through the Angela Bofill Facebook page I learned about this site. I couldn't send this link fast enough to family and friends.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU!  I'm hoping that I can find an iTouch/iPod or Android app.  So far, no luck.  For now, I'll think about getting some good speakers for my computer. Get an App and I will NEVER have to listen to any other station... I kid you not!" All the Best TEAM CHAYZ LOUNGE!!! 

~ Jenn 


"I am really enjoying this station!! Please keep up the good work." ~ Karen


"This music station is really sweet. I have been telling everyone to check it out. Need to relax, get into the Lounge, Chayz Lounge --Too Blessed to be Stressed"


"This radio station is awesome, you guy play the right music, the music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I am thankful and will spread the word. Thanks to Angel Bofill for the tip on Chayz Lounge." ~ Cebrina Sanders

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