Carolina Panorama was established in December of 1986 by Nathaniel Abraham, Sr.  Over the years, the newspaper has proudly focused on bringing to its readers community news and profiles of people that were not covered by other media outlets. The Carolina Panorama newspaper is now in its second generation, and run by Nathaniel Abraham Jr. The Carolina Panorama Newspaper is published every Thursday.

About The Readers

Our supporters seek out the Carolina Panorama Newspaper primarily for two main reasons: First, for its editorial content and Second, for its community information.

According to a study done for the Black press, African Americans want and need their own community newspapers to get a more accurate view of the news and what it means to them, thus making our paper the most reliable route to the heart and soul of the African American community.

Studies show that African Americans will go out of their way to get their favorite Black newspaper; pay more for it; read it more thoroughly and for different reasons. There’s a special relationship with the African American newspaper not found in other media -- built on trust, strong loyalties and a bond of believability.

The average reader of the Carolina Panorama are two age groups. The primary is age 30-65 and the secondary is age 18-35. They are well educated, and very concerned about community issues and events.


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