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Chayz Lounge Radio is the virtual space to enjoy the best R&B and smooth jazz 24/7! Launched in 2009, Chayz Lounge Radio streams from the USA to listeners worldwide. Known for its quality and consistent delivery of great music, Chayz Lounge Radio continues to rival its larger competitors, and thanks to the millions of loyal listeners worldwide, it is one of the top stations on the web in the R&B and smooth jazz genre.


Our mission is to provide the best musical experience for our listeners while promoting the music of independent recording artists.


Chayz Lounge Radio is the brainchild of Chaye Alexander... Creative Producer, former broadcast talent, and avid music lover. Founded on the principle of providing an alternate avenue for independent recording artists to reach a global audience, Chayz Lounge Radio has become the go-to source for music industry professionals seeking an avenue to promote their artists, and musicians seeking airplay.


See below for airplay information and to read what people are saying about Chayz Lounge Radio. 

Chayz Lounge Radio can be heard through various mobile and radio devices, such as: 

  • Download our App

  • Alexa Skill 

  • Here on our website

  • Live365 App

  • Grace Digital Devices

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DAILY: ​11PM - 8PM

The best variety of smooth R&B and jazz.

Smooth grooves designed to melt away the stress of the day.


Join Chaye for a journey thru songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & a touch of today.



Chayz Lounge Radio is enjoyed by millions of loyal listeners worldwide. Here's what some had to say:

"I had an amazing time doing my interview so much so I lost track of time and the battery almost died on my phone that's how engaged we were in conversation. Thanks for a memorable interview." ~ Will Downing

"What a lovely evening I experienced on Chaye Alexander's show. Lots of fun and very informative. Play the music, baby!" ~ Phil Perry


"I had a wonderful time interacting with my fans and countless listeners on Chaye's show. Thank you for bering such a gracious host, Chaye Alexander." ~ Angela Bofill


"I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I had as a featured guest on Chayz Lounge Radio! Chaye's warm personality and professionalism created the perfect environment for me to share my thoughts and music freely with music lover all over the world. I am humbled and thankful for such a warm embrace." ~ Melba Moore

"Chaye...THANK YOU for having me on your show tonight!!! We have done numerous interviews in the past and you are SO accommodating and pleasing to talk to. I hope to talk to you again with our next release. Thank you again for supporting us." ~ Erich Cawalla

"My portion of divine time in the Chayz Lounge Radio was met by the gracious & insightful personality of Show Hostess Chaye Alexander. "Engaging, Intelligent, Wise, Humorous & Determined 2 Get 2 the Heart of the Matter" are the virtues embodying Lady Chaye. Beautiful place to be & I hope one day to return to the Amazing ChayzLounge...Stay Blessed, Beautiful & Anointed." ~ Russel Blake

"Nice shows and selection of music. I have found this station to be very classy and tastful. Keep doing what you do Ms. Chaye! The World Needs You and Your Ability To Reach Around the world!. Much love." ~ Buff Dillard

"I'm a former mobile DJ and consider myself a connoisseur of fine music. What you play here is like the cream of the crop. I just found this station through "Live365" about 4 days ago and it hasn't been off since I found it. From a real DJ that knows music, this is a GREAT station with a platform and playlist just to die for. No more switching from station to station when looking for relaxing, smooth, Soul, and R&B sounds for all ages." ~ Edward Pugh Jr.

"We had a blast in the Hospitality Suite listening to Chayz Lounge Radio. Everyone hushed when you gave us your shout out and then whopped it up knowing we had been acknowledged on air. The jams you were playing Saturday night were awesome! Thanks again for your support. The conference was a success!"  ~ Dyanne BaldwinChairman – NHAA, Inc. 10th Biennial Conference

"Hello Chaye, I'm loving having the opportunity to hear great music and mellow vibes! It's turly a pleasure to have the "Lounge" creating such an inspiring atmosphere in my space. Keep it coming! Many thanks, Peace, & Light." ~ Mx

"This is my first time listening in, and I'm very impressed with the Angela Bofill interview! Keep up the good work guys!" ~ Charlie Ray

"Chayz Lounge Radio is one of the best online station. Chayz Lounge gets me thru my work evening every night some times when my work is done and its time form me to leave ill still be sitting there just jamming. Keep the music flowing." ~ Beverly Porter

"I thoroughly enjoy coming home or sitting home relaxing to some really great music. The variety is AWESOME and the music is great! This is the type of music station I've been waiting for, music to chill while sipping on a nice glass of wine or relaxing after a long work week. I'm so glad I found it and will stay tuned in!!!" ~ Tru

As one listener puts it, "This radio station is awesome, you guys play the right music, the music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I am thankful and will spread the word.”  ~ Deborah 



Chayz Lounge is a commercial-free station and relies on listener support to keep the station going. If you enjoy our station and the music we air, please consider a monetary contribution.


By clicking the Square Donation button below or using CashApp name $ChayzLoungeRadio and sending any amount you can, you will help us to continue delivering the perfect blend of smooth R&B and jazz. Thank you in advance for your contribution.



Chayz Lounge Radio was founded on the principle of creating a platform to showcase the talents of independent artists, often overlooked by mainstream media. As such, we offer equal access to recording artists, record companies and professionals in the music industry. Our primary genres are R&B and smooth jazz. For serious consideration by our Music Review Panel, your music MUST be either of these genres and meet the following guidelines:


  • Match our station's format

  • Edited for broadcast

  • Exclude defamatory and/or profane content

  • Be of CD or broadcast quality (both artistic and production)

You can also email your MP3 or WAV files to  Please note that only TWO songs from an artist can be submitted via email. By submitting a song, you warrant that the song is your original work, you own any and all rights in it, and it does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third parties. All submitted CDs (mailed or hand delivered) become the property of Chayz Lounge Radio and will not be returned. Songs selected will be added to our rotation without notice.  CDs must be clearly labeled with the artist's name, song title, and album name (if applicable).

Our willingness to accept submissions does not in any way imply or guarantee airplay or feedback. All decisions regarding addition to rotation on Chayz Lounge Radio are made by our programming department, with possible additional input from our President/CEO, Chaye Alexander. Please understand that due to the volume of submissions we receive, you will only get a response from us if there are questions regarding the submitted song(s). In other words, we're apologizing in advance that a majority of submissions will receive no response at all due to the sheer number of submissions we receive.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Chayz Lounge Radio. We are always happy to discover new music & artists. Be the next one! 

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